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A.B. Richards Inc. specializes in the renting and leasing of storage containers on Long Island as well as many other areas in the Northeast. Our service area also covers New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Eastern Pennsylvania and portions of Rhode Island, Delaware and Maryland. Since our inception in 1982, A.B. Richards, Inc. has grown to be one of the larger suppliers of high quality ground level storage containers.

We pride ourselves on being able to serve our clients by providing individualized attention to ensure that all aspects of the proposed task are considered. Included among our many satisfied clients are manufacturers, wholesalers, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, professional football teams, hotel chains, schools, and many others far too numerous to mention.

We are known for being one of the most convenient, professional storage container companies and having competitive prices. A.B. Richards is here to serve you, whether you need to lease or rent, and meet all of your storage container needs. Call 800-597-5971 today!

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